The beaches

The beaches of Portonovo, La Vela, Mezzavalle: turquoise sea and white pebbles for a dream holiday on the Adriatic coast.

Portonovo Bay is certainly one of the most characteristic seaside resorts of the Riviera del Conero and the entire Adriatic coast. The sea, which takes incredible shades from turquoise to cobalt blue, will leave you speechless and the beaches of pebbles and white gravel will enchant you.

Portonovo Bay
La spiaggia di Mezzavalle
The main beaches are located at the north and south of Portonovo Bay. They are largely equipped with beach facilities, services and restaurants, but there are also stretches of coastline for the free bathing.
These beaches are easily accessible by car, bus or shuttle bus, departing from the car park on top of the road leading to the bay.
La spiaggia di Mezzavalle
For those who love unspoiled nature, in the far north of Portonovo Bay is located the beach Mezzavalle, accessible by sea or by two paths starting from the main road of the Conero.
We recommend wearing tennis shoes to walk the trails without any problem, to immerse yourself in nature and discover one of the most evocative area of the whole Adriatic. Here the shoreline is more sandy than in the rest of the bay, the bathing is free, but there are still toilets, showers and a small restaurant.
La Vela
La Vela
On the southern side of Portonovo Bay, lies the beach of "La Vela" ("The Sail"), another stretch particularly wild whose name comes from a large rock shaped like a sail, a favorite place for the bravest divers. This area is especially suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Il Trave
Il Trave
The beach Il Trave ("The Beam") is located to the north of the beach Mezzavalle. Accessible by sea or by land, via two paths that you can take from the main road of the Conero, is a sandy and wild beach. Its distinguishing feature is "the Beam", a long natural rock that extends for over 1km off the sea and a natural seat for Mosciolo of Portonovo, the delicious mussel of the bay. Another peculiar feature is the presence on the shoreline of heaps of clay, used by bathers for toning mud baths.

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